Thursday, August 18, 2011

Libya Victory and Liberty is on hand

By: Maged Taman

The Libyan people are close to their victory and liberty. Pray to God in this blessed month of Ramadan to attain their goal and their freedom. God help us to liberate Syria, Saudi and rest of Arab world. Call again to the Iranian leaders help the liberty of the Syrian people. If talking Mahdi that is what he is all about for people to obtain their freedom and decide their destiny. We need to go back to moderate Islam we did forget God that is why he put over us our corrupted leaders and make us the weakest in the earth. He promised us if we to go back to him he will free us and we will live in dignity. Is it worse the sacrifice, yes if there is a next life and Quran is true if not is it worse it. Communists who did not believe in next life fought and were willing to die. I agree with them if there is too much despair to die and get your oppressor killed. Particularly we did not go to fight we asked the oppressive leaders to leave us and give us our freedom. They kill us first and when they found that we will have victory over them they ask for negotiations. Their souls are just to corrupted that they proved to us that we were right in the revolution. As we have seen after the tyrants fall you find they did a lot of crimes and stole millions of dollars.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer.

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