Monday, June 01, 2009

God in the Quran

By: Maged Taman.

The Quran is the book of God. It is glorious as God is:

1- God is the most common name in the Quran: Either spelled as Allah (GOD) or his other attributes or words that refer to him. We, his, him.....

2- Muhammad name is only four times: Though the speech is directed to him personally most of the time it appears directed to all of us including him. He is the messenger or the conduit he was chosen to this task. The most important for God to him in this messenger is honesty and morals so people would believe him. It is also important to have him unable to write or read and has no religious affiliation so people would believe the Quran is God's book and not Muhammad.

3- The subjects of the Quran are in most part about God: Even the laws and commands are about how to live the way of God.

4- God is the narrator and the speaker in the Quran: He is telling us the history of mankind and religion and his previous communications with humans. Meantime he direct his talk to us, he is always a narrator and speaker in the same time.

5- God talks with glory all the time: It is his glory that allow him to talk about himself as the verse "I am your God worship me" "It is him who created the heavens and earth" " Say god is one"

6- God expresses to us all the time that he is merciful but he is also just: There is no contradiction between his two characters we are the ones who are choosing which one we want to face.

7- God has the right to express his wrath against us: since in large part his prophets either mocked or killed. Many times they were followed after their death and many times we did not follow their commandments or we changed their messages.

8- The Quran is a unique book: God in the Quran is not writing us a book for our curriculum as a chronological historical book or a subject divided book it is a speech. It is our job to find the subjects and discover the knowledge of the Quran.

9- The Quran differs from all speeches: by the divine glory the strength of words, the absence of hesitation and reluctance and other weak characters of humans like one of us to make a speech over 23 years. He always present his words as the truth. He asks us to ponder and find the meanings. He invite us to examine his arguments. He gives us the will to decide. However he has the promise of great reward or the punishment in the day of judgment. We still have the choice and best of people would make their case in the day of judgment.

10- The unshakable psych of the author of the Quran: the characters and psychology of the speaker is definitely different from that of Muhammad (PBUH) who was doubtful when he received the Quran first and was reluctant in the beginning to call people to Islam. He was even about to give in to the disbelievers at certain point of his message. You do not see any of these weaknesses in the speaker of the Quran. He is always strong and has clear and unshaken message and demands from humans. Even when you compare the hadith of prophet to that of the Quran you do not find the power and self-proclamation of the speaker of the Quran. You do not see the lowest point of Muhammad during his life as weakened or doubtful words in the Quran since he is not the author of the Quran.

11- The glory and the worship in Quran is given by God to himself: He created all the world and control all it and sustain it all. He is worthy the glory and worship he is asking for. Praise to prophets and believers is given in the Quran at times but he is God who who would deserve all the praise. Dawa or prayers in the Quran God tell us them so we recite what he tells us.

12- Satan in the Quran is mentioned a lot of times: for his place in disobedience to God and in recruiting us disobedient to him and even become enemies of him like Satan is.

13- God logic in the Quran is very strong: He call us to his religion through invoking faith in him or by using the default meaning you gain faith in his religion by disproving to you other alternatives.

14- The sum up verses: These are verses in the Quran that sum up to you the main doctrines of God and our own existence. I mention few here:
"and these days we run it again and again by people"
" if we to destroy a community we let their high-ranked to corrupt so it deserves our judgment and we destroy it into pieces 17:16
"every soul recognizes its evil and good"
" is it not by God rememberance hearts feel comfort?"

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