Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why the Quran is God's book

By: Maged Taman

1- Muhammad (PBUH) did not read or write, he was not a scholar and did not have people teaching him. In fact he was surrounded by hundreds of people daily who would have observed that if he was getting the verses of the Quran dictated to him from any other person. The Quran verses would come to him every few days over 23 years enough to have people find out that. He himslef can not come up with the verses of the Quran he does not have the knowledge or the miraculous language of the Quran. His sayings of hadith were wise and well framed but do not look like or reach the glory of the Quran.

2- The Quran was preserved by God as he promised in the Quran with no change of a single letter. There is no poet or writer in the Arabia have his literature work all persevered with no single change and no one can claim that to himself or others. The Quran was memorized by Muslims in the time of the prophet and the transmission continued both orally and in writing.

3- The challenge is still alive is to have all humans to sit down and make like the Quran. America has billion of dollars that they can spend in making like the Quran and Muslims will leave Islam if they succed to do so. You find websites that attacking the Quran without enough knowledge or with misguided knowledge. 

4- If Muhammad (PBUH) had made the Quran he would not care to have Jesus son of God or God. Similarly he would not criticize the Jews like God did as well God criticised  Muslims and others in the Quran. He will likely try to win people over, but he did not since the Quran is not his it is God's book. In the rare occasion he was about to give in to the pagan Arabs yielding to their pressure to have their idols exalted. God warned him if had done that he will have humiliation in this life and the hereafter.

5- There is no gain for Muhammad (PBUH) for writing the Quran, in fact his life was threatened many times and he was persecuted and scorned. Even when he succeeded he was not exalted but was living like a poor Muslim. He has to go for war of defense and fighting back oppression.

6- The Quran has the main stories of the Bible not photocopied but corrected to the Bible the real facts and details.

7- Some Christians are examining the Quran through their experience with new testament. The fact is the Quran is more like the old testament and Muhammad is more like Moses God bless them both. Some prophets have to fight like Muhammad, Moses, David, Salmon.... and some do not like Jesus and Joseph and face their enemies with peace. The Quran says clearly that the old and new testament contain inspired word of God but corrupted or inaccurate at times but the Quran is preserved like it is and has the upper hand over them and the ultimate reference to what God want us to know and do.

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