Friday, April 06, 2012

How the Saudi fall should have helped us to liberate Syria

By: Maged Taman

When the revolution of Syria started, the Syrians in Saudia tried to have demonstrations to get Muslims everywhere involved. The Saudi king tyrant regime arrested some of them and told the Syrians do not demonstrate we will take care of Bashar. The fact is they did not deliver and can not deliver since the orders come to them from America and Israel and both did not deliver. The hope was great movement everywhere to do pressure on Syria and its allies to liberate it. America/Israel/Gulf tyrants are OK with a weak Bashar in power who will not threaten Israel and of no significant value to Iran. Most of the Shia has to wake up and stand with the Sunni. We do not know what the leaders of Iran want for Islam and Muslims. For us Sunni we want the best to the Shia people. We all should agree that the fall of Saudi regime is necessary to liberate the Syrain people.

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