Sunday, April 29, 2012

The blood of the Syrians are in the hands of America and Gulf states and others

By: Maged Taman

If America is unable to stand to the Syrian tyrant with their favorite allies Israel, Qatar and Saudi they should have let the Muslims street take the lead. Oppressing me in my website that they control and have only few hits and hide the millions who are following me is unfair and not democratic. They blocked me from speaking to the Media publicly even in the Arab media. May be I have better chance if to go public to have more of the Syrian people including Alawi to stand against Bashar as well to recruit Muslims youth to stand for their destiny. The idea that I could be the Anti-Christ is both foolish and unfounded. Thus America/Israel/Qatar/Saudi do not want to see more democracy in the region and the best scenario to them is weakened Bashar that is not a threat to Israel and not of help to Iran. To have thousands of Syrians killed is a second or third matter. That is why we need Jihad but not Al Qada to liberate the Muslim countries and kill our criminal oppressive leaders like the king of Saudi.

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