Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who we should elect as a president for Egypt

By: Maged Taman

This is my take about that:
1- We should not elect anyone worked with Mubrak, if you accepted to work for an oppressive, corrupted tyrant you are not one of us.
2- We need an angry man but not angry enough to be crazy. If you do not feel angry for the injustices, oppressions and poverty of of Muslims you should examine your faith.
3- Does not discriminate or persecute minorities.
4- More or less natural with world powers.
5- Makes decisions depending on morals first and interest second.
6- Does not be anti or pro America/Israel/Iran.
7- Able to communicate with people and they should feel he is a sincere leader.

Doubt America or Israel want you to have this leader, very likely they want a strong man like Mubarak and Suleiman to control you, good luck.

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