Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How America and Israel succeeded in aborting the Syrain revolution

By: Maged Taman

Muslims have to give up on America and Israel both are against our interests. The big thing they did after the Egyptian revolution is to have the Asshole Tantweey to take over. This will not help only to have Mubarak guy in power and smooth things over to another asshole like Amer Mosa who is dog to America and Israel provided he get the power and prestige he always adore. Meanwhile by having Tantweey and his men in power they can block Egypt from leading further revolutions. The case is very clear in Syria when they left the Qatar corrupt regimes who have bases to America in Qatatr to lead the politics of Syrian revolution which is basically what is in best interest of Israel. It is time for Jihad and the best Jihad now is to kill our hypocrites like Tantweey. This is the list to do for the Egyptians who died in the revolution thinking they are sacrificing thier lives for the freedom of their people.

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