Thursday, April 19, 2012

The true Egyptian revolution is coming

By: Maged Taman

I am always for white revolutions with no blood shed from either side. However, it is very clear that our Egyptian revolution was stolen by Tantweey and his gang with the corporation with America, the last is a small Island in Israel. Falol are back and Amer Mosa the west man who was working for Mubrak for 10 years is being arranged to take over. Muslims brothers are happy with meeting delegation and feeling in the spotlight. Before Mubarak fall they were cozy with the west attacking Jihadists and presenting themselves alternative to Mubarak and the Jihadists so they can get in power. After the revolution despite the mandate given to them by the people are afraid of Tantweey and his gang. As Nasser used to say what is taken with force is to be taken back by force. The revolution was likely had better Egyptian military men taking over but Tantweey aborted that. The failure of the revolution in Syria is a big conspiracy between the gulf tyrants, America and Israel. Of course Iran is useless to the Arab and Islam. If Egypt was truely free after the January 25 revolution they would not let what happen in Syria to happen. The time for a true Egyptian revolution is now. Tantweey and his gang priority is to stay in power in one form or another and enjoy the money they got from military corruption. America and Israel know that I can unite you that is why they are blocking me from going overseas and some of the evil Jews with the evil Saudi king stole my passport. If you want to believe me hammer the king of Saudi and his subordinates with question about me. Of course they will lie but when you feel the fear in their voice and their Artbak you will know that I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer and I will come to get them.

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