Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Killing Muslims Corrupt Tyratns are duty on every Muslim including King of Saudi, king of Jordon, the tyrant of Saudi and the corrupt Krazi.....

By: Maged Taman

We are in the end of time and in the time of the prophecy of Fatin and Tribulation. We have two camps now the corrupt Muslims tyrants one camp and the camp of the oppressed who I am one of them. God promised our camp to win and the prophet made it clear it will be violence against oppressive violent tyrants. You saw how Qaddafi did fight and killing with craziness his people and how we were able to destroy him. He could have avoided all of that if he would have sit down with his people and listened to them. The same with the Syrian tyrant who has the gulf tyrants try to keep him in power and weak so they can stay in power. Muslims blood is sacred unless he is standing with the tyrants against the poor and oppressed. Jihad will be against corrupt Muslims who in large part are hypocrites since they know that we are at the end of times and they chose the side of the tyrants.

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