Thursday, April 05, 2012

Building the Third Temple to the Jews beside the Aqsa is a good idea

By: Maged Taman

It appears that the Arab/Muslims do not have a way out of the world chaos without making peace with the Jews. Iran and Hazeb Allah was thought by the Palestinians to be a political power to help them in negotiation with Israel. Their agenda is quite different from the Palestinians who are mostly Sunni. Their goal is to spread Shia beliefs which many times against the true revelations we have in Islam the Quran and Sunna. They are waiting for their Mahdi who will come out of a well. The true Mahdi they will not support him like they did with Hussein they promised to support him and when he came to them they let him to be slaughtered. Most of the Shia people are good people but misguided by some of the scholars who are not helping Islam. Thus Iran/Hazeb Allah did not prove to be a political power of advantage to the Arab/Muslims issues. Their support to the tyrant secular regime of Syria does not make any sense. We supported them in Bahrain since a lot of Sunni are moderate people and believe any group of people have to feel equal in their country regardless of their faith, race, colour, sexual orientation and so forth. Thus we left with the tyrants of Gulf who are playing America/Israel and all of us to stay in power. The new Islamists in the liberated countries did not show us good plans now in internal and external affairs. Many of them are power hungry. America is still controlling the world and America is controlled by the Jews. Thus the best plan is to have peace with them through a dignified plan that include the third temple building, peace in all the region and they not to intrude in our affairs and choosing our leaders like they did over decades. It is a win-win to every one. Proactive peace is what we need now and quickly so.

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