Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Slow Motion Tantwey is planning to boringly slow the Revolution

متظاهرو التحرير: الشعب يريد تسليم السلطة الآن

كتب- محمد معوض ومحسن سليم وأحمد حمدى و محمد جمعة: منذ 10 ساعة 2 دقيقة
قام عدد من المتظاهرين المتواجدين بميدان التحرير الآن برفع لافتة كبيرة على إحدى عمارات ميدان التحرير طالبوا فيها المجلس العسكرى بتسليم السلطة الآن وعدم التأخر فيها " الشعب قرر تسليم السلطة الآن".

كما صنع المتظاهرون دمية مرتدية زى العسكرى وقاموا بإعدامها على إحدى إشارات المرور بالميدان، رافعين شعار "الشعب يخطط لمستقبل جديد".
ورفع المتواجدون بميدان التحرير شعار " ممنوع دخول أي قوى سياسية تحت أى شعار حزبى أو سياسي", كما قرروا عدم بناء منصات بالميدان وتوحيد الميدان بميكريفون واحد.

اقرأ المقال الأصلي علي بوابة الوفد الاليكترونية الوفد - متظاهرو التحرير: الشعب يريد تسليم السلطة الآن

Blogger comment:
The slowly and boring Tantwey wants to slow down the revolution the longer he stays in power the longer he feels important like 21 years as defense minister did not satisfy him. Unlike the young people who want to start a life have jobs, marry and have children the boring Tantwey has already secured his future and as well likely his family. We knows how Egypt was running in the days of Mubarak and we know people around him managed to get a big piece of the cake. His words to us he thinks was assuring, even if really deep from the heart we do not trust you. You kept silently at time of Mubarak if you have few principals in your heart and your boss was very oppressive and killer you should have retired long time ago. just take your boring speeches and let the young people pick up the fruits of the revolution. just get out of their way and dissolve your council. The real heroes of the revolution are the Egyptian people who sacrificed and stood with no fear in the revolution and the Egyptian army and not the people like you who are Mubarak people who jumped in the right moment when it was difficult for Mubarak to get your neck and difficult for the revolution to do the same. We know there were connection and phone calls between you and the Americans when to jump in. Just step down before it gets more ugly, you already let people killed in Tahrrir square like your uncle Mubarak.

Al Mahdi al Muntazer

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