Thursday, November 24, 2011

Defining Fitna

By: Maged Taman

The tyrants are using fitna and their scholars so they stay in power. This is how it works:

1- When a revolt or a revolution start against them they call it Fitna and they try to use verses in the Quran or Hadith to convince the people that they are right.
2- When they are killing people to stop the revolt or revolution they say: we are trying to stop the Fitna. They do not call the people who are revolting against them great revolutionaries as the history taught us.
3- When the people who revolt are fighting back they call them terrorists.

Thus Muslims have to have these steps in any revolution:
1- Revolt when there is oppression and injustice.
2- Do it in large scale and peacefully.
3- If you are attacked you have the right to defend yourselves particularly if no strong external power can help you.
4- Ultimately the corrupt oppressive regime will fall. This is how America does it they have to stand with the tyrants for their interests and when they think we are likely to win they stand with us.

The Gulf countries In Sha Allah will fall and In Sha Allah the Shia will have more moderate leaders or my hope more if they convert to true Islam.

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