Friday, February 04, 2011

How to Win Next Week over Mubarak:

By: Maged Taman

It is very clear from the history of Mubarak over 30 years and clearly revealed to the world that he is a ruthless dictator.

1- A lot in the west particularly the media are disgusted of him and know him by now very closely. This will help us in the propaganda war against him we will quote them and they will quote us. He is a man you love to hate like the evil guy in the Hollywood movies.

2- Do not show mercy to him he did not show us mercy. His cruel oppression and killing of people expressing their freedom to tell their leader to step down is met with a violent reaction worse than the old dictators.

3- Put pressure in him everywhere through demonstrations everywhere in Egypt and around the world. Everyone in Egypt should rise to the occasion. In the movie inception injecting idea or dream in people brain is very infectious and go around and around. Too overwhelming that people will think it is reality and they will make it real.

4- The public in the west wants for us to choose our leaders not so much the case with many of their leaders, stability is still very important they may look for a strong military man or this torture guy Suleiman which mean that the revolution is given over a silver plate to them. Use the west and do not let them use you. If we to convert in the same interests with them it is fine with me but we have to remember the past experiences. They gave Mubarak chance after chance after chance.

5- Talk to your military personnel in the family and tell them to talk it over with their units no fear of 'Mubarak anyway. He is fearful of us see he can not talk publicly about me and he is fearful if I to go to Egypt. He is actually fearful of all of us we are outnumbering him by far and too smart for him and we are all over the web. We communicate even without seeing each other you do not even need to see me, why do you want to see an idea, just take it an apply it. Tell everyone of my website and others who stand to Mubarak and other tyrants.

Thus next week we have to press more on him and have people in the police and military in your family to think about their country and their people as well much better future for all of us. Very likely I will look in the Internet for smart Egyptians how will find different plans and ways to bring him down.

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