Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fatwa: The right of Muslims to fight their leaders

By: Maged Taman

As you all have noticed all the Arab/Muslims regimes work the same 3 structures: One the party or the connected and elites one structure. The government through media, police and army are the second structure. America and allies are the third structure. America did not start the Egyptian revolution in fact was trying to keep Mubarak in power to the last minute. However they have no choice after was seeing us win since Military cou would likely to take over and they want the military cou to be people who they know. They are fearful of unknown or Muslims organizations to take over. We do not care who are the military cou if they will end by having our demands applied. We do not care who lead America or us in the next revolutions. For Muslims in all Arab/Muslim world you have the right to revolt against these corrupt regimes. They work the same oppression, corruption and maintain the power and money to their families and connected ones. You saw in Tunis and Egypt how corrupt they were. You saw also that God is standing with us like he promised to his prophet in the prophecies of end of time. No doubt will be fitn and tribulation but we will side with God and he will side with us. If you ask most people in the west if they have oppressive regimes like us do we have the right to revolt will say yes if you ask them if they try to oppress revolution by force do we have the right to fight back they will say yes. If you ask them a military cou that side with people is right thing they will say yes. Thus Muslims particularly in the military and police this is not only Muslim fatwa but also western fatwa you have the right or even the obligation to side with your people to liberate them. Notice Al Mahdi Al Muntazer job is not to be a king or president his job is his name if you understand me.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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