Friday, February 25, 2011

Jihad against Qaddafi

By: Maged Taman

It is very clear that Qaddafi is a mad dog like president Reagan described him. A mad dog who can bite even his owner and his family. A mad dog does not know any kind of limits. The thing that would help much the suffering Libyan people is to have America and the west willing to have the option of air strikes like president Reagan done against Qaddafi and his main targets. Doing that alone would make a lot of people around Qaddafi realize he is loosing and will leave him alone. President Obama was very smart when he had the great speech the day before Mubarak gave up pressing strongly and indicating clearly he is in the side of people. Same can happen here if we has agreed upon targeting of Qaddafi by air force of America and allies we would be able to stop him. Jihadists and other movements in the area may take the lead here and work to liberate Libya. This will give them high influence in the area over the moderates. To the Libyans around Qaddafi and in the neighbourhood if you hear warning from USA about air strike against Qaddafi move fast and go way far from him. The most important is to save as much people this mad dog is willing to take a lot of people with him as he falls. He did not fight to liberate his country our lift oppression of the Arab and Muslims but was one of the great oppressors. He did every thing possible to undermind our causes and our hopes for a better lives. He is pre-west and anti-west as it help his posture in the world. A false hero with false hopes to us.

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