Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To Doctor Al Zafarani take the lead. When we were young we would pray behind Doctor Al Zafarani a man of strong faith and devotion to Islam. He was very concerned about Islam and Muslims inferiority and decline but with strong faith that Islam is the answer to all humans problems. Dr. Zafarani take the lead I always thought you will be the one who will lead us. Make a new front before the seculars who care about life and hate Islam using Islamic names. We are at the end of times no doubt about it and I am Al Mahdi and the holders of the black flag are here and coming by thousands. The reason for my blog still not brought down is many of the Christians who think I am a must before the second coming of Christ. For them Al Mahdi is the Anti-Christ. Muslims brothers problems was their dependence on America which is run by the wicked nation of Israel. We will have to conduct Jihad that what the prophet told us about the end of times and we will kill the wicked Jews. Terrorism is the word used by America and Israel to label their enemies. When Ben Ladin fought the Russians and the Russian empire fell he was the hero of the west. I do not know how the end of time will exactly be according to the old testament there will be Russian invasion of the wicked nation of Israel. No doubt God will punish the Zionists for their crimes.

"الزعفرانى" يشيد بصمود المعتصمون في "رابعة" 

الأربعاء, 31 يوليو 2013 - 12:32 am | عدد الزيارات: 1721 طباعة
أشاد الدكتور ابراهيم الزعفراني، مسئول لجنة الإغاثة بنقابة الأطباء، المعتصمين بميدان رابعة العدوية لصمودهم الجبار فجر يوم السبت في مجزرة منصة.

وانتقد "الزعفراني" تهديد طاقم الاطباء والاسعاف وايضا التضييق علي عدد المركبات والترهيب للاطباء عن طريق الاعتقالات .

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