Saturday, July 13, 2013

Open Message to Islamists in Egypt

By: Maged Taman

We are at the end of time and as the Jews and Christians knows that as well. Do not bury your face in the sand our enemies already are fighting us and try to be sure that our revolutions end into Chaos to serve the wicked nation of Israel who is waiting for the Dajal or the Anti-Christ. 

Muslims brothers were trying to work through America which is a joke it is run by the Jews. The holders of the Black Banners coming from Kharasn is Al Qada (9/11 is made by Israel quite likely) no force will be able to stop them and they will erect their banners in Tel Aviv. America and Israel are trying to oppress the prophecy which will be a joke since they have first to prove that the Quran is not the book of God and our prophet was a liar. Since they could not do that they have not to stand against God. The owners of the black flag their hearts will be like steel (they will kill the Muslims hypocrites who will stand against them) and will pass their banner to Al Mahdi who will fill the earth with Justice and freedom as was filled with injustice and tyranny. 

The American freedom is basically sexual freedom and your right to be drunk and kill other people in the road. Muslims brothers you looked for the bounty of this life that is why you did loose. Join the true owners of the black banners and stand for the true Islam. Never work through America since America is the little child of Israel who is controlling the Americans. You find in the Pentagon the military leaders are Christians while the people who are controlling them are the Jews (The Enemies of God and Christ). Time to the Muslims brothers to be brave we will die in few years but we better die on the side of God.

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