Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are Muslims brothers terrorists. I do not believe so.

By: Maged Taman

Are Muslims brothers terrorists. I do not believe so. They are incompetent and not qualified to lead the country as well spent precious time looking in the wrong direction including trusting America who is run by the Jews who are loyal to the wicked nation of Israel.

The Muslims Brothers ignored my e-mails and my articles in my blog. However I think they are persecuted because the seculars sadly are flol or hate the Islamic Agenda. To fight back the Jews who killed us and oppressed us is terrorism as the Jews inspire them to say so. If people are stating that they brought the Jihadists to Sinai and this is true they are not terrorists.

The Jihadists have legitimate case to fight the wicked nation of Israel who present now Satan in earth. The struggle between good and evil or right and falsehood is coming no escape. Liberal or secular Muslims are shamefully standing with the wicked Jews against their religion. Al Sisi used the same tactics that the Jews fight Islam everywhere by labeling Muslims as terrorists or the group of them who are fighting back. The Hadith of the prophet is clear: there is some of my nation will carry on Jihad to the last days and they will not care for people who want stop them (labeling them as terrorists) and Jesus son of Mary will descend between them.

Thousands or millions of Muslims died due to the wicked Jews. Iraq and Iran were fighting long war of 8 years and the Jews gave weapons to both to finish each other. The Jews managed to have our tyrants stay in power through Americans support. The Jews managed to block weapons to the Sunni Muslims in Syria or make them have only limited weapons so they do not win in Syria and have both factions kill each other.

I heard from friends that Al Sisi is a good Muslims, remain to be seen. All I saw is he stood with the seculars against Islamists and cooked the plan with them. Interestingly the seculars are pretending they are standing against America while their plans are exactly as the Americans and the Jews want them to have it.

I will tell you about the Jews dirty little secret is patriotism. If you noticed most people in American Congress and Senate wear on their dresses the flag of America. The Jews do not want your loyalty to be to Islam or Christianity but to governments since they control most of the governments. They do so by either hiring politicians, financing elections or controlling media, money and sex industry. Similarly in Egypt now the doing the same dirty little secret of patriotism. The Jews want us to be Egyptians mainly and not mainly Muslims. Their aim is to block and aspirations for unity as Muslims or having Khalafa. The later will come if the Jews wanted or not. It is a prophecy, let them wait for Dajal and let us wait for Al Mahdi.

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