Friday, April 01, 2011

Do not be half hearted when you start a war.

By: Maged Taman The Americans entered the war in Libya half-hearted and continue to fight half-hearted. Qaddafi is smart enough to know that and keep bold and unite the troops. If America to fail in this mission to protect the opposition or end with Qaddafi in power he will end by huge momentum. It is the same like when we turned down the Shia and Kurds when they have the uprise against Saddam and we left them to be slaughtered. The fear of arming Al Qada can be easily avoided they are only few there. We should have to meet the Libyan council and have treaty with them and promise not to have Al Qada elements to carry gun or to play role after winning over Qaddafi. People still do not understand that most Muslims would not like al Qada govern neither to go away now since they are the only people left to fight the tyrants. A lot of young Muslims would like to have the Qada change so they can join them or form militant groups that have different methods, tactics and play smart role than Al Qada. Going back to Libya you can not be half-hearted otherwise you will embolden Qaddafi and he will claim himself again the strong guy who conquered the west and Islamists and now he is the only hope and the Muslim savior and likely to stand strong in the next few years against the west. Do not forget he was planning to erase Switzerland from the map for a dispute between one of his sons and the law in Switzerland.

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