Friday, August 20, 2010

Why To Convert The Jews To Islam

By: Maged Taman

Muslims are not inherently anti-Jews. In fact we are in large part pro-good Jews. Here are our facts:

1- The Quran is like the Bible praised and criticized the Jews according to their behaviour. God always talk about his relation with his chosen ones to make us know what he likes from the new followers the Muslims.
2- Most of the prophets in the Quran and Muslims love are Jews. For the great prophet Muhammad who was Arabic they sternly stood against him like they did with Jesus. For Al Mahdi they blocked him everywhere.
3- The Quran is for both the Jews and Muslims. In fact God particularly talk to them in the Quran to call them to read it and believe it and accept his prophet. They saw Muhammad face to face and would tell them what angel Gabriel inspired him with and get from him as well the answers to their questions.

Why we need to convert the Jews:
1- We asked to convert to Islam all people, and willingly they to do so, no compulsion in religion.
2- Most of the conflict in large part of the world will go away.
3- All the money spent in the military or wars will go to have better life for all people.
4- The Jews are very smart that is the way God blessed them with. Imagine they become Muslims see how much good we will have as Muslims.
5- It appears from some of the prophecies that they have to accept Jesus as perquisite for his second coming, some Christians think as God but Muslims and converting Christians as a great prophet.

See if the above come true how much peace we will have and prosperity. The problem is Satan he will not give up that easy. However let us continue to hope that people will think Islam, read the Quran and do not mind if one of the Arabs was a prophet and the other one is half prophet. Do not forget Jesus was a Jew and Christians love him. So If we all accept him it will be a win/win situation.

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