Sunday, August 15, 2010

To All People of The World Jesus Second Coming is Soon

By: Maged Taman

When the American government knew I could be Al Mahdi Al muntazer they blocked my communication with the American people and George Bush put the message in the Church that I am the Anti-Christ. He did not give the American people to explore that themselves if I am the Anti-Christ or pro-Christ. He was the decider.

If you listen to a lot of prophecy writers in America they will tell you we are in the few years that preceded the return of Christ. If you talk to many of knowledgeable Muslim scholars who are not working for the governments they will tell you we are in the end of time.

When you find out that the leaders of the world and their media are not talking about me even as a crazy guy that he thinks he was sent by God, suspect I was really sent by God. You will find the Arab tyrants cheerful since they know that the west is putting me under the microscope and they are very well protected.

Muslims are not anti-Christ but pro-Christ read the Quran. Same prophets of God, teachings of God and the confusion about who is Jesus is told us by God plainly with no interpretation or confusion. He is a great prophet.

He will descend between us, however the few years before his descent Al Mahdi Al Muntazer a world leader who will help get people to prepare for Jesus will be between us. However Satan would not let God salvation comes easily. Like he put George Bush in my way he will put other evil people who would refuse the change of the world and will not even consider read the Quran themselves and find out if it is from God or not. Standing against God is a very terrible mistake to your eternity.

The success of the American government to put the lid on me for years did not help them in anyway and does not prove that I am not supported by God it just prove that they are working hard for Satan . In fact the American politicians who allowed Bush the tyrant to silence my voice will be answering God in the day of judgment. In fact much sooner when they go in graves.

Jesus will not interceded for you standing against God. He would intercede for people who did not know the Quran and died as Christians. The Quran is the criterion who judge between us. If someone wants to burn it do that but be very sure it is the book of Satan since if it is from God you will have great regret in the day of judgement when you see fire face to face and in your small grave.

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