Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Spread my Message of Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

By: Maged Taman

When I mentioned to the American government that I could be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer through some connection. Which is basically the message from God to them that he sent me through vision. The tyrant George Bush was very sure that the media does not contact me and I get cut off from the media in the Arab/Muslim world as well. At that time as well I let al ot of people both Shia, Sunnni and almost all sects of Muslims to know about me through e-mails. As you know Al Mahdi means that man sent by God to remove the tyrants governments of the earth mainly in the Arab world. As you know that a lot of corrupt government and leaders will not like that. Even Muslim scholars, yes Muslims scholars. I was hoping to get into media particularly TV's but blocked almost everywhere. Something only America can do the whore who corrupted the world. Even Al Jazzera would not let me talk to them about my heath plan. After all they are under Qatar who is under America and play the game well they are for democracy but will obey America first, their people second and God third.

As you guessed they are like many of the Arab tyrants are waiting for me to disappear. In Obama age they let you know me some but not all way. They could take down my website. But they know I could send more e-mail and actually a lot of people silently beleive me now. As well many of the Christians in America think I am the Anti-Christ so they want to watch the show.

I know there are some in the American government analyse every thing I write. They try to know what is my personality and what motivate me to write: adrenaline, serotonin, paranoid thoughts, looking for fame, complexes in my early life.... What motivates me is simple something called prophecy. At certain point of time the world will be immoral, unjust, oppressive and corrupt. At that time one man will rise in one day and change the world. I did not write the scenario, it is us, but God know the future well that he told us in advance.

We still have the choices but he still know what our choices will be. We are still accountable for our acts, but his knowledge is just to great that he know everyone of us and every moment in his life including that of death. Since he is true and I will go back to him I am not worried about death. This life compared by the eternal life is like one fraction of a second.

Since the American governments and a lot of governments do not want you to know me in wide scale talk to all Muslims you know and tell them about my website. Tell them there is very high probability I can be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer say 97% or more. Why not 100% to leave to Satan the probability I could not be Al Mahdi so he slow his war against me. I tried to reach you through TV's which will help me spread myself vertically to large group of people however we have the horizontal way spread the knowledge about me side to side to all your Muslims you know. For non-Muslims tell them about my website also a great source for Islamic religion.

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