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Disunity greatest enemy of Muslims: Abdullah


Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif, center, at the opening of the MWL conference in Makkah. (SPA)'],

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Published: Aug 1, 2010 00:04 Updated: Aug 1, 2010 00:26
MAKKAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Saturday described disunity as "the greatest enemy" of Muslims and called upon Islamic scholars across the world to work for unity.
In his keynote speech at the opening of an international Islamic conference here, he commended the Muslim World League's (MWL) efforts to spread the message of Islam and confront extremism and terrorism.
"Disunity is the beginning of downfall ... rather it is the greatest enemy of people ... Muslims should beware of division and improve their relations," he said quoting a speech made by King Abdul Aziz at the first Makkah conference 86 years ago.
Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif opened the three-day conference, organized by the MWL to mark its 50th anniversary, on behalf of King Abdullah and read out the king's speech.
King Abdullah wished success for the conference, which will review the MWL's activities and programs and set out its future strategy. It will also discuss the situation of Muslim minorities in different parts of the world and the problems facing them.
The king urged participating scholars to focus on three important issues: spreading the moderate teachings of Islam, strengthening Muslim unity by improving their relations and trying to solve problems facing the world.
"We are happy over the contributions made by the MWL to treat Muslims’ problems, unify their ranks, spread the true picture of Islam and confront epidemics such as extremism and terrorism that have sneaked into some Muslim societies," the king said.
King Abdullah also noted the organization's efforts in promoting dialogue between religious faiths and cultures. He was apparently referring to the MWL's role in organizing the international interfaith dialogue conferences in Makkah, Madrid and Geneva.
The king's speech referred to Saudi Arabia's efforts to strengthen Muslim unity and solidarity. "Ever since its formation, the Kingdom has given priority to Muslim unity. Our father King Abdul Aziz said he loved Muslim unity more than anything else."
The MWL's activities conformed to the Kingdom's policies and objectives. "No doubt the MWL has won a reputable position among international organizations and received the messenger of peace certificate from the United Nations," the speech said.
Prince Naif honored the people who contributed to the establishment of MWL. Baha Gov. Prince Muhammad bin Saud received a commemorative shield on the occasion. Prince Naif also distributed shields to previous MWL secretaries and prominent Islamic personalities.
MWL Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki thanked the Saudi government for its constant support for the organization. "The MWL has become an international organization. It would not have achieved this stature without the Saudi government's support," he said. The MWL was established in 1960 during the reign of King Saud.
The conference will focus on four main topics: MWL's contributions in the past 50 years; MWL's position in the world; MWL and Islamic issues; and MWL's efforts to establish a better future for Muslim communities.

Blogger Comment:
Abdullah, the king of Saudi wants unity of Muslim world. OK let us see what Al Saud family stands for:
1- The crazy Saddam they supported him for 8 years with Iran and did not try to make peace between them. He is just looking for what his masters want. Same apply to Mubarak.
2- When the crazy Saddam attacked Kuwait they were the main force to get him demolished by the west. He was their dog and they now felt he is getting to bite them.
3- When Bush, went to Iraq to destroy it for sake of oil and domination with false pretense of freedom they stood with him and actually was pushing for that.
4- After they know from the American government that I could be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer they blocked me everywhere not to be known in Saudi or other Muslim countries and actually they are competing with me as the moderates now. Last thing when they knew that I will be coming to Saudi Arabia they worked with the enemies of Islam to get my passport stolen from my own apartment. Give them a simple test ask them to denounce me publicly as I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer they would be afraid to do it since they a lot of attention will be focused on me. They want to hold to their power and money like a dog holding to a piece of bone and would not let anyone to take it out of his mouth.
5- The American government know that they could not deliver and the masses had it with them and their scholars who sold their religion will be in very bad shape when the masses would realize that I am Al Mahdi al Muntazer and they are standing against me.
6- The west would rather see me govern and not them since they discovered that they are a great liability to them. It is all about politics and interest.
Thus the unity of Muslims will be coming after we take over your kingdom and Muslims govern themselves. They still believe that Al Mahdi prophecy is a paranoia a single man will rise up in one day and change the world.
Wait and see.

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