Thursday, August 12, 2010

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer: Reality or Fantasia

القبض على "المهدى المنتظر" بالفيوم
ألقت أجهزة الأمن بمحافظة الفيوم اليوم "الخميس" القبض على عاطل ادعى أنه "المهدى المنتظر" وأن لديه القدرة على تسخير الجان لقضاء حوائج الناس .
وكان اللواء مرسى عياد مدير أمن الفيوم قد تلقى معلومات تفيد بقيام عاطل يدعى "رمضان عبدالتواب" 34 عاما - من قرية /الصبيحى/ مركز يوسف الصديق بادعائه أنه "المهدى المنتظر" وأنه يمتلك القدرة علي تسخير الجان وحل مشاكل المواطنين والقيام بأعمال سحر وشعوذة مقابل أجر رمزى وهدايا عينية بعد التأكد من صحة المعلومات وإتخاذ الإجراءات القانونية داهمت قوة من الشرطة منزل المتهم ، وتمكنت من إلقاء القبض عليه ، وضبطت مجموعة من الكتب و "الأحجبة" والأوراق الخاصة بأعمال السحر وتم تحرير محضر بالواقعة وتولت النيابة العامة التحقيق .

Blogger Comment:
A lot of people over the years claimed themselves to be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer or other savior. The idea itself came not only from religions but also from human conscious. There are too much problems and disorders in the world that politicians collectively or competitively led to people to believe or desire a new world leader that will turn things around. He will be the turning point and after that people will learn how the right government can be created and maintained so when he is gone it continues to function spontaneously.

The task is just too great and the enemies of this leader will be toot strong that the mission itself is a failure in its start point, unless God want it to happen. People remember how Jesus (PBUH) was oppressed and persecuted from the first day he declared his ministry. People who are claiming to be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer have many reasons to do that:
1- Plainly crazy people.
2- People who misinterpret a dream or certain conditions.
3- People who are true liars, know that and want second gain of this job.
4- People who are good and thinks they will deliver the good to people and they ought to try that even if not the true Al Mahdi.
5- People who know that they are good and they may be truly Al Mahdi and finally things will go well and they will turn to be Al Mahdi.

In this time in history however that time or season of Al Mahdi is really true:
1- Some Christians are awaiting this man Al Mahdi but for misinterpretation of prophecies they think he is the Anti-Christ.
2- Muslims are oppressed every day and everywhere as you see it now. The prophet described to us there will be Khalif's, kings and then tyrants. We are now in the tyrants stage and after that the Caliphate will return.
3- Israel and the gathering of the Jews in the holy land was well described in the three Abraham religions.
4- Th world is crying out for this savior. Politicians are corrupt and the oppressive control of the masses is unsustainable. The health and long term care which are the core of any good economy is nonfunctional in most of the world. Read my book in the web to know how this can be fixed. Again this plan is not mine but God. If it was mine I could have sold it to one of the American parties for 50 million dollars, get Noble prize in economic and make people around me happy.

Thus Al Mahdi Al Muntazer is true. What make me think I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer you think with me:
1- When I declared I could be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer to the American politicians the lawless George Bush went to spread in the Churches that I am the Antichrist.
2- The tyrant Bush blocked me from talking to the American media.
3- My health plan and book Taman Health Plan he blocked me from having any penny or getting people to discuss my plan publicly.
4- The lawless George Bush went after me at personal level to attack me and try to scare me with lawsuits.
5- At one point he blocked my cell phone his second move was to try to get me snatched, however I sent a lot of e-mails to the left where people love freedom and hates his guts and know that he is the cause of most problems we have false WMD, false Wars, falling economy. He can not go publically after me but in secret since the left know me and anything happen to me they would know it was him. This is the characters of this man do not get surpersied when you hear he was tourtuing people or they used nuclear materials in Iraq and led to a lot of deformities in newborns.
6- I tried to keep silent in his age but the more you get polite the more they get after you. See how nicely they deal with our corrupt tyrant leaders and for the one who is nice and kind and wants to free people the tyrant Bush and his likes goes after him. I was waiting for Obama to maked us totally forget Bush and his era but he continues to remind us.
7- The tyrant Bush and after him Obama were able to have the tyrant Arab leaders and their media, as well their fake scholars not to answer my e-mails or have my name mentioned publicly.

Thus there is no doubt AL Mahdi Al Muntazer is true and no doubt there are a lot of evil forces in the world will stand against his rise. No doubt the more the people are standing against him the more the suffering of the world from earthquakes, hurricanes, hunger, diseases...... It is not only a material war it is a spiritual war Satan will try to move the hearts and minds of the evil people who control the world against him. Meantime the good people and the true Christ lover will support him and stand with him. There will be also war in heaven between Satan and his devils against the angels of God.

This is time to stand for your eternity after all this servant Al Mahdi Al Muntazer will be victorious those who will support him they will be in heaven and those who will stand against him will be in hell. If this person is calling for justice and freedom and the 10 commandments know he was sent by God.

It is time to read the Quan it is as easy as it is: If the Quran is God's book he is Al Mahdi Al Muntazer and if it is Satan book he is the Anti-Christ.

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