Thursday, August 19, 2010

Very Bad News to The Arab/Muslim Tyrants and Their Co.

By: Maged Taman

My message is clear to The Arab and Muslim tyrants and their masters. You will go to hell, I did not say that but God. According to the prophecy he told you like to all Muslims there is a man who will be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer and God will send him to liberate all Muslims.

No one of you called me or tried to reach me. You think your masters will protect you forever. The truth is God is the one behind me and not mortals like you.

Tell me what is the probability of:
1- Someone will make health and long term care plan that no one ever was able to make it which is good for all countries. Say if the world today is 6.5 billions that chances are one in 6.5 billions. Which is the same chance the Mahdi will have if he is between us now.
2- What is the probability that this plan will be kept secret since 2004 in America and the Americans would not talk about it publicly.
3- Talk to close Christians and Jews they will tell you that they are debating if I am sent by God. If you have an access to their conferences you will know the debate. How I know because they talk about me without mentioning my name like you do so Muslims I can watch them in the TV particularly in their prophecies conferences. This is the prophecy in Isiah 53 that the servant will hide his face from people and people will hide their faces from him until the right moment most will know he is the servant.
4- Easy and very easy The Arab tyrants can tell the Muslim public this doctor who has this website is not Al Mahdi Al Muntazer but a crazy guy.

You will go to graves and will be asked about me by the two angels who will receive your souls about not responding to my call and ignoring me and your scholars. It will be very hard time for you. Could not wait to see you suffer like you did with oppressing my people and do not give them chance to choose their leaders and control their destiny. Get my file from the CIA/FBI and examine it very well to know who I am. Though I do not trust the elites to play with the file.

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