Saturday, August 14, 2010

War on Islam or war on Terrorism

By: Maged Taman

The game the west play to keep its control over Muslims is to keep our oppressive leaders in power. They will play the game that they are for our freedom and the fact is that they are for oil and security of Israel which if it means keeping the Muslims with tyrant leaders for decades is not that important. Interestingly the Jews are waiting for their messiah who is supposed to end tyranny everywhere.

The plan against Islam is very well organized in America. Read the websites that is attacking Islam, its prophet and denoucing the Quran as false or the book of Satan. They now that it is the time of rise of Islam after their fake civilization has proved to be a big failure.

If they are sincere is to read the Quran and discuss it with us. Their dialogue is just to get the moderate Muslims in their side against the Jihadists and in their hearts they despise both. If they had sincere desire to know all of the injustices over the decades that the west caused us and in finding truly the just and true religion they would have had a dialogue with us. I am here no one called me for dialogue. They just wnats to finish the Jihadsits and Iran so no one stand against them.

I am not for wars between both sides but peace. However if they really wanted peace they could have recruited me. The lawless George Bush wanted to prove a link between me and Jihadists and intimidated me. When you offer yourself as a peacemaker and they intimidate you it just mean the arrogance and lawlessness of George Bush which he proved well to us.

Like a lot in the west I would not mind forget his name and forget even how he looked. However I found out we are in the same situation they want the Islam oppressed and have our oppressors in power.

A lot in the America do not trust their own leaders they work more for their interest and the interest groups. If we do not have a rise of a great American president soon and not a bully like Bush who created more Jihadis who do not fear anyone but God will be in dark fate.

There is no holy war between Islam and Christianity but a struggle between the corrupt in all sides against the moral people in all sides.

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