Monday, August 16, 2010

Do They Really Look Like Terrorists

By: Maged Taman

As you know and I told before several times that I do not belong to any groups Islamic non-Islamic. However I was quite surprised to find out that the Mujaheddin when were fighting the Russians and to large extent helped the Americans they were trained by them and they were named as Mujaheddin. Now when they stood against the Empire in Afghan and stood to liberate their people they were named terrorists.

Then I looked in you tube to find how they look those Mujaheddin and particularly those who died as martyrs. I looked in their faces I did not see terrorists but very serene and faithful faces. They do not look odd or crazy. They took the guns to liberate their countries and the Muslim world from the tyranny of the empire. They want clean and pure life and Christ like lives.

Their faith in God is unbelievable and their pure manners are beyond every praise. They do not look to me like a CEO or a politician with a wicked face, wicked deals and empty soul. I was not surprised when I heared that they will fight until Jesus Son of Mary will descend between them.

You need faces full of greed and wickedness you can find it in a lot of CEO's, Politicians and Arab tyrants. I am not saying go and be one of them. But what I am saying do not stand against them. May be they are true, their faith and communication with God which mostly by visions are true. May be if you stand against them you will go to hell.

To say terrorist meaning that the one who is killing women and children we in America will take the Oscar. See all the fatalities of Muslims in Iraq and Afghan, before them a lot of countries. Did these terrorists or Jihadists try to negotiate with the west several times they called for peace and put conditions which in large part very reasonable. What Bush and his gangs always say we do not negotiate with terrorists without even asking about all the terror they caused in Muslims land.

As a citizen of the world I can assure you that America is the most terrorist state in the world. In fact God named her in the Bible the whore that corrupted the world. You will ask me why you still in America give me my passport which was stolen by the evil intelligent agencies and I will leave next day. Not escaping but to form a new front that hopefully can take us to peace.

Look again at those faces with a clean heart and use your judgment are they faithful people that fought and died for good cause or terrorists. Do they look like normal criminals, many of them are politicians or like the decibels of Christ.

You will tell me why I do not go and join them?. They have their roles and I have mine them is to make counter-wars and mine to make peace, everlasting one if I could.

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