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My Speech to The American Politicians in 2004

Date 04/09/2004

Dear Respectable Fellow Americans:

I wish you had the opportunity to read my plan (Taman Health Plan). I apologise for not sending an introduction letter I though my plan is my opened letter to you. I am not a presidential candidate, but it happened that my plan it would take care of all the concerns of the Americans in this presidential year.

I have to dramatize it (I am Don Quixote and I am holding a plan) to get your attention given the great benefits to the American people. I have a great respect to all candidates of the presidential election. I want a consideration to this plan for its great benefits to all Americans. With my respect to all candidates and politicians a major restructure change as suggested in my plan would come from the people . It will need a national debate better starts in the big associations and the grass roots.

I do not want the plan to affect the American choice of particular candidate. I want it above the politics. IT is my gift to all American people. It is actually a good model to all countries in how to provide health and long term care to all its citizens with no paper work and wise spending in health care. It is very organized and its medico-legal part is both fair and civilized.

No doubt will have a lot of expense in the first year or so to Bail out the HMO's and the malpractice insurance companies. It is however a one time payment and will save a lot of money over the decades. Remember that we will not need social security, Medicaid or Medicare once the plan is started their funds will be the capital of the plan which will be like a big corporation. Americans also do not need to worry about their pensions, please refer to the plan...

What is my second gain, you have the right to ask. Since it is a primary instinct for humans to look for the second gain when other people express their ideas. My second gain is as a physician I want to see much better and organized health care that works for me and my colleague. As a physician I want to have secure health and long term care to all Americans including my family.

As an Arab and Muslim American I want people to recognize that the world is very complicated and dangerous now. We have no choice but to restructure the Arab and Muslim world not with wars but with a comprehensive peaceful plan. That is if to wish for a safer world in the next decades. As you saw with health care crisis restructuring is not a simple project it needs a lot of wisdom. Since you do not know me personally this is my view of the world one nation under God and my simple equation is good Christians + good Jew + good Muslim+----= the common good.

As an Arab, Muslim American I feel much for the families of the victims of 09/11 since their loved one s they lost they did not even know the geography or complicated policies of the Middle East. I had three years my self of discrimination after 09/11 and people did not even know my political views, even if I have any. As you see it we do not have an alternative but tot have a comprehensive plan to spread democracy and eradicate corruption and terrorism. (at that time I did not know that 09/11 is an internal job).

Sincerely yours,

Maged Taman

Blogger comment:

This was my letter to the American large institutes that went to the American politicians, the congress and president Bush. My plan was actually a life savior to Bush at that time since the absence of WMD made a lot of politicians and Americans angry with him. I tried to save his invasion of Iraq in order to successed and establish democracy in the area. If you remember at that time he was talking about the great Middle East and I was willing to give him my plan for free.

I contacted him and other politicians through articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post. However they did not listen to me. I discovered that the democracy they are looking for is fake one for geopolitical hegemony, keep their rotten allies like the Saudi family and whatever Israel wants, many times was not for the interest of their security. Like for example I recommended for them to make friends with the Iranians and compensate them for the chemicals they gave it to Saddam to burn them but the empire did not want to play it nice. Then I found out that Bush is not only a false prophet but bloody guy. His life is about revenge and not about establishing new coexistence. At personal level the lawless Bush went after me.

For him, Obama other tyrants of the world I will bring the empire down, peacefully. Obama is personally responsible about my passport which is stolen from my first draw in my apartment. After I got from old friends in Saudi papers for entry to Saudi I swear to God I knew that they will steel my passport before I can get into Saudi since the FBI, Mossed, others are spying on my e-mails. I told myself if they will steal it they will do it at any step and leave the passport in the same draw. A lot o intelligent agencies do not want me to go to Saudi and liberate my people. Of course to get a new Egyptian passport in the life of Mubarak will be impossible, ask him who is Maged Taman. I will stay here and liberate America first.

I presumed Obama is keeping my website so he can be an alternative to Jihadists or tyrants if this is the case why he does not talk to my direct after all I do not have a communicable disease. What else in his minds and the intelligent agencies will not work I really do not plan much but in the right moment God inspire me what I would say or do.

If I am truly Al Mahdi Al Muntazer which is very likely it is and you are playing a game against me God will make your lives miserable.

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