Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Muslim Converts: Who is Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

By: Maged Taman

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us in his Hadith that there is a Muslim man who will precede Jesus (PBUH) and prepare the world for his Second Coming. Since There will be a lot of tyranny and corruption before the Coming of Jesus and Satan will know that human salvation is close he will stir the world against Al Mahdi.

Who best to lead the crowed than presidents and Kings and their allies in the religious communities. The power of Satan is just too great. However, God and Satan battle in the years which is called the tribulation in both Islam and Christianity God will call us to his true religion. Satan would not even like you to know me, he already rejected me before my rise. Not because I am bad guy but because Satan is the bad guy.

The corrupt religious establishment will try to get people to avoid me or disbelieve me or ignore me. The leaders will have the media not even to mention my name for years. Who could do that but the powerful king of the earth Satan.

How I fight Satan by maintaining my communication with Muslims subtle but clear to spread the word about me and to call non-Muslims to Islam. In my website I have the best articles about Islam to the best minds and the Quran Chapters in many of my blog articles.

Form Muslims Converts read about Al Mahdi Al Muntazer and spread the word about him. Get people assured and even non-Muslims that will have better health care and long term care to all people in the world. Will have much better economy to all people.

For the sincerity of this servant God will have blessings in everything in the earth and whoever in the earth and the heavens will be pleased by his justice and right governing that the dead will wish to be alive in his time. This actually will extend even for many years after Jesus descent. However we have few years of tribulation that will be rough particularly if we do not follow God commandments.

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