Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Is a second American revolution coming?


By: Jack Cafferty:

The first one started with the Boston Tea Party. More than 230 years later, some think the time is ripe for a second American revolution.

An editorial in "Investors Business Daily" suggests people are now asking if the government does more harm than good—and if we should change what it does and the way it does it.

Much of the blame is laid on what it calls the "imperial presidency." It says that through his policies – like record spending and deficits, taxes, health care, etc. -President Obama is "diminishing America from within".

And there are growing signs that many Americans have had a bellyful of President Obama's policies.

Start with health care. 71 percent of Missouri voters supported a measure that would forbid the federal government from penalizing people who don't buy health insurance as mandated under President Obama's health care law.

And it's not just Missouri. Five states have passed similar bills, and two other states will have constitutional amendments on their November ballots to opt out of all, or part of, the new health care law.

There's immigration, which one day may be seen as the turning point in this struggle. While the federal government refuses to enforce the nation's immigration laws and refuses to secure our borders – it's going after Arizona in court for trying to protect its own citizens from an invasion of illegal aliens.

One Arizona sheriff says the federal government "has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help." A Mexican drug cartel has reportedly offered $1 million to kill another Arizona sheriff, the controversial Joe Arpaio.

Things are getting very ugly. No surprise the president's approval ratings continue to decline. In some of the major polls, it's now approaching 40 percent.

Here’s my question to you: Is a second American revolution coming?

Blogger Comment:
The American revolution is coming, and do not start the revolution without me. It is very clear that the American government is corrupt. Obama equal Bush both are working for the rich and corrupt corporation. The lawless George Bush had the oil companies in his white house before the invasion of Iraq. Afghanistan in large part is about oil as well and domination. The lawless George Bush cut me off the media in his dark age, spreading democracy for the people they have animosity with and for the corrupt oppressive Muslim leaders they are allies. There is no character assassination since there is really no character. The lawless George Bush tried to intimidate me by lawsuit in his dark age so I shut up but no one will silence the voice of freedom. Obama the fox he know about me like he knew his parents and they stole my passport so I do not go to the Middle East and free my people. But God has his way we need to free America first in order to free the world. The revolution can be easily non-Bloody if the tyrants who control America in both parties to let the American people establish true democracy. For the coward Muslims in America who know that I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer join non-Muslims to free this country so we can be free in the Arab and Muslim world. Americans will spend their money and treasure and work for long years until they drop dead at work for the 1% or so who control America and the world and enjoy the wealth. Do not ever think they give up of half of the few rich of their wealth is very sincere Jesus-obeying sacrifice. They are afraid of the revolution. There will not be socialism but true moral capitalism if the new America is to come about. I will give Taman Health Plan to America for free when I find true leaders who are willing to change the world for better are here. No Obama tricks going to Cairo for a speech while a lot of Muslims are here in America he could talk to them. He does not want peace but submission to imperialism. The lawless Bush who I offered him my plan and he was talking about the great Middle East could have easily talked to me and other Muslims. For us it is not about control. For your information Al Mahdi is not an official job it means simply a man guided by God for the sake of obeying what God told us to do. Sharia law is not applied to Non-Muslims like they try to threaten you. Stoning actually was the law since Moses and for God grace made it very difficult to do and implement. Cutting the hands of thieves is also very difficult to apply and God made both adultery and stealing very condemned but not terminal sins. The Saudi apply stoning and go out Saudia to enjoy the sexual revolution, I am not mentioning names and we do not do that in Islam.
Going back to the revolution let us have it bloodless and let us see the American politicians have a long trip to Bahama, come on guys enjoy your lives and take the lobbyists for the voyage. For me I will build the future for the next generation with the next American president.

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