Sunday, August 26, 2012

So Saudi Arabia has to allow peaceful demonstrations since violence is not the way if America will see this is the way for the Saudi people to change their destiny like in Egypt and Syria

Saudi Arabia arrests suspected militants, state media reports

By the CNN Wire Staff

updated 4:25 PM EDT, Sun August 26, 2012


At least half a dozen people are detained

The purported leader is a Saudi citizen while the others are from Yemen

Authorities seize bomb-making materials and cash, state-run media says

(CNN) -- Authorities in Saudi Arabia have disrupted a terrorist cell in Riyadh and arrested at least half a dozen suspected militants, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported Sunday.

The head of the cell was arrested along with six other members, SPA said, citing a security spokesman at the interior ministry. The purported leader is a Saudi citizen while the others are from Yemen.

Authorities also searched several locations and seized materials used to make explosives, documents and cash, SPA reported.

"It has become clear that they have reached an advanced stage in the quest to achieve their goals, including the preparation and equipping of explosives to be tested outside the city of Riyadh," the spokesman said, SPA reported.

The investigation lasted several months and uncovered a second cell in the city of Jeddah. A member of that cell, a Saudi accused of working on the preparation and testing of chemical explosives, was also arrested, SPA said.

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