Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why Would The Quran Mention All OF These Prophets?

I can understand why atheists do not believe in Quran. They think all the ideas of religions are hoax. In other places in my blog I debated them. The thing I could not understand why still many Christians and Jews do not believe in the Quran. There is no compulsion in religion. However why Muhammad (PBUH) would mention all these prophets of the old and new testaments if Quran was not from God. Why he would mention himself only 4 times. Who in human history brought a book like the Quran and mentioned all of these prophets like did the Bible. If I would say today I am a prophet people will put me under the microscope, they will investigate my family and people who knew me to see if I am a liar or crazy. They will likely dig in my life to find things against me. People will look to me with great suspicion unless I can dramatically convince them. The responsibility lies in people in the top of the religions to do their homework since they are the one who will answer to God in the day of judgement. Quran 3:70 O followers of earlier revelation! Why do you deny the truth of God's messages to which you yourselves bear witness?

Table: includes: Number, Name of the messenger and Number of occurrence in the Quran:
1 Moses 136
2 Abraham 69
3 Noah 43
4 Lot 27
5 Joseph 27
6 Adam 25
7 Jesus 25
8 Aaron 20
9 Isaac 17
10 Solomon 17
11 Jacob 16
12 David 16
13 Ismail 12
14 Shuaib 11
15 Saaleh 9
16 Hood 7
17 Zachariah 7
18 John 5
19 Muhammad 4
20 Job 4
21 Jonah 4
22 Elias 3
23 Idris 2
24 Zalkifl 2
25 Elisha 2
26 Luqmaan 2
27 Ezra 1

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