Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If You Are A Muslim Preacher You Have All The Future.

One of the best jobs you could over have is a Muslims preacher or Imam. My father who was a lawyer in Egypt was a part time Imam. I had always admired his preparation before his preaching. It took him about 3 years (weekly one hour in Friday) to explain Quran to the prayers. To be an Imam is quite demanding same like to be a Priest or a Rabbi you have to have the characters and morals besides being good at your job. Characters and morals are assets to any job but for religious leaders it is a must. No one can be 100% all time but it is quite demanding. Imam has very powerful message that affect people lives and the after-life. He has a very rich material to preach from: The Quran, The Hadith and all the sciences that built on Quran and Hadith. If you are an Imam you can have a lot to preach from:
1- Explanation of the Quran Sura by Sura (114 sura or chapter).
2- Explanation of Hadith (thousands of them).
3- You preach by subject (over 100): honesty, kindness,......
4- You preach by age and sex: Islam and women, Islam and raising children....
5- You can tackle all scientific miracles in the Quran.
6- You can tackle at the touch of Islam to most branches of knowledge.
7- Comparative religions particularly with Christianity and Judaism.
8- The prophets on light of Quran, Hadith, Old testament and gospels.
9- The history of Islamic religion 23 years of Prophet Muhammad life and 30 years of the Khalif's.....
10- Great Muslim personalities.
11- Linguistic miracles with uncountable examples.
12- Computer search that is the most recent approach to preach. You write the word you looking for say O Mankind, Justice, Jesus... and see what the verses of Quran said and you can have a nice a article that you can preach from. One of the best site for this search is http://www.islamicity.com/ To sum up Imam is a great profession that give you the love of God and people and make you win both your eternity and your here-now life. It is even getting greater future as Islam is spreading fast and knowing English is quite an asset. Priest and Rabbi who are convert to Islam will have the best prestige and respect since they have the double knowledge and double believability.

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