Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It is Satan, Satan, Satan.

By: Maged Taman

Advocates against religion look to religious people more so now than anytime saying "I told you it is religion". If violence is committed by Muslims Muhammad (PBUH) is the one to be blamed and if committed by Christians Jesus (PBUH) is the one to be blamed. If they look at religions through out the history God to be blamed. The fact is Satan is the one who is behind all of that. That is why he is called the prince. He is subtle and very clever he finds for us many reasons for wars, just wars are the exception. He uses religion for control, oppression and wars. Religion supposed to be for freedom, justice and peace. He usually control the world through institutions and military forces. His guys are usually the ones who consider themselves semi-Gods like Hitler and Saddam. He uses people religious feelings and exploit them. When Islam was described as violent religion in 2006, fanatic Muslims expressed their violence against accusation of violence, Strange!!. The lack of wisdom at a large scale is the work of Satan as well other factors like oppression and economic frustration. Do not forget in the seventies when there were shortage of oil people were fighting at gas stations in USA. Satan would not let smart and wise people to sit together to solve their problems. He would also find something as loss of power or loosing economic advantages to preclude dialogue and peace. He promised God to ruin Adam life and his children. He is successful because we listen to him. All the prophets had warned us about him. It is sometimes look embarrassing to talk about Satan, but he is real. A simple scientific evidence is the progress of humans in all aspects of science except getting along and preventing wars.

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