Monday, January 22, 2007

Satan Let Me Shake Your Hand.

By: Maged Taman

Life is an irony. We joke in our worst of days and our eyes tear when we laugh from our hearts. We look sometimes at Satan, despite his hate to us, with admiration. He is the princes no doubt about it. He put hates in our hearts so we all be enemies:
1- The poor against the rich and vice versa.
2- Races against each other.
3- Countries and nations against each other.
4- Muslims against Muslims.
5- Christians against Christians.
6- Jews against Jews.
7- Then all of the three major religions against one another.
8- West against East.
9- Men against Women and vice versa.
10- Husband against wife and vice versa.
11- Other members of families against one another.
The things that create these hates are lack of understanding and the presence of injustices. Satan tempts people to do so and rationalize it to them.
So to abolish hate and have longstanding peace Jews, Christians and Muslims believed there would be an extraordinary man that is guided by God that he would be able to do so. It is clear from human history that humans could not achieve that on their own. Jews and Muslims to a large part thinks this man would inspire people to achieve that. It is their determination and faith that will lead them to do that. His main task is to get all of people to get more righteous including himself (morality is a group act). Christians or say many of them thinks it is not by action but faith in Jesus Christ we will have our salvation. God would send him again for our salvation. Muslims believe in his second coming but they believe he would be the gift for our own salvation. In order to understand the plan of God for Salvation you have to reconsult God's revelation: the Quran, old testament and Gospels. Until we can conquer the little Satan inside each of us we have to give the great Satan the credit and shake his hand. When we win our salvation he will fall down and no one will give him a hand.

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