Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why Jesus is not the Servant in Isaiah 53.

The translation of Isaiah 53 is quite different in many versions of Jewish and Christians Books. Though no one of us is as great as Jesus I can argue against that Isaiah 53 was talking about Jesus for the following reasons:
1- He was exalted since his birth. The servant in Isaiah 53 looks like unknown, unappreciated and had no followers until people came to know him. He is like he did not know what in hell is going on until God filled him with greif and pushed him out to find he is dealing with God's program.
2- Jesus did open his mouth and scolded the wicked. This servant until he came to us was submissive and did not open his mouth.
3- Jesus did not have any disease he was actually treating diseases.
4- Jesus did not have offsprings.
5- He was not successful in his first coming but he will be in the second coming however it is more of stretch to make the verses to include the two comings.
6- Jesus had a great appearance. The verses are talking about no appearance until he came out.
7- Jesus according to Islam was not tried but God raised him before the wicked trial.

I am not a theologian but I do not believe the Servant is Jesus.

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