Thursday, January 25, 2007

The White Revolution Of Egypt 1952.

By: Maged Taman

One of the most admired revolutions in the world was that of Nasser and the Free officers of 1952. They play it right they had secret plans all along and in one day they put units of armies in the right places to control the government and the King of Egypt. They let him out of the country peacefully and took over the country. I do not recall any one died during this revolution. The Egyptians were happy and the leaders of the revolution had good plans to their country. However, they screwed it up second to greed of power and oppression to their people. Nasser has Arabic ambitions and with personal ambitions he lost Egypt in the process. Sadat came after him and he was right not on separating Egypt from the Arab world but he knew the reality on the ground. Arab leaders were selling the anti-Israel rhetoric to divert the attention away from their internal affairs while Egyptians were paying their blood and money for endless wars. He smartly shocked Israel by his visit to them and he got a good deal from them. If the Arabs at that time to have negotiated with Israel we would save the agony and money spent all these years on defense. Arab leaders attacked Sadat and the reality is they would not care about Palestinians or even their people. Sadat did not also win his people since he enjoyed being a dictator and left us with a tyrant. We need now new chapter in the Arab and Muslim world to create true democratic, peaceful and prosperous countries. Our faith as Muslims should give us the inspiration of how to be better people. What the west needs from us is stability, oil and safety of Israel which we will give it to them. Guess also what, we are willing to have white revolutions it the tyrants and their oppressor regimes quit willingly. There is no single man can change the world regardless of how much paranoia he has. He may give people ideas, inspiration and hope. They may feel he is guided from God which make their hopes not far form achievement. However, it is the collective will of the people and belief in their faith and destiny that will change the world. The religious Muslim leaders as well the Christian leaders living among them has to take their responsibility and lead the people to their freedom and prosperity.
The west if does not help, at least I am hoping, does not obstruct our march to freedom.

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