Monday, January 29, 2007

My thinking of Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

By: Maged Taman

1- He has to solve first and for good the Arab-Israeli conflict. This will get our wasted effort and money to the development of the Muslims and Arab countries.

2- He has to win the hearts and minds of the west Christians, Jews and Muslims. This will allow him to get ideas and plans to better world to all of us.

3- He has to negotiate or I say better demonstrate to the Jihadists that there is better world to the Muslims. As he delivers they would disntigrate or quite down.

4- The Arab leaders or tyrants whatever name they like has to negotiate with moderates to quit the scene in peace and let us have new democracies.

5- He is very likely will be clear to the major powers in the world what he is doing. They have the right we are living in one planet.

6- I do not know what is job or title the Mahdi will have. I do not think he really would care about that. I think his man power is to get people gather around him to work for the good of the world.

7- He will likely work through the public and not in closed doors with politicians. People are waiting for one to talk directly to the public to feel his sincerity and to comit to his visions which ultimately reflects their aspirations.

8- He will work through conferences and dialogs. He will make his decisions through consensus.

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