Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Mission Of My Blog.

By: Maged Taman

I am one of the dreamers of new world that is built on justice, peace and prosperity to all people regardless of their religions, color or race. My blog encompasses articles for me and articles I cut and paste from other websites. Since I have no problem that someone cut and paste my writings without my permit, just he has to keep my name, I allowed my self to do the same. Particularly there is no financial gain for me and the publication in my website help to support other websites. If any one has an objection, please to let me know so I can take his article off my blog.
The world needs a dialogue not wars. You may achieve some objectives with wars, but wars are ugly it takes lives of young people or leave them with permanent physical and mental disabilities. Terrors objectives, methods and politics are all waste of human lives, years of distress and high cost to both sides. War on terrors is similarly a shadowy war with enemies that you kill and make more of them. You do not know who will attack you next and from where he will attack you. We all Moderates in the Arab and Islamic world share the grievances of the Jihadis but their methods cause us self-inflicted wounds. It made America even more sticking to the tyrant regimes for its national security. The mess in Iraq due to sectarian violence has to stop. Revenge was never the aim in Islam even the prophet after persecution for long years by the Arab in Mecca he forgave them when he could revenge for 12 years of persecution. Later on most of them became good Muslims. Iran and Jihadi's provocation to the west made the world unsafe and the dialogue with the west unproductive.
My mission in this blog is:
1- Get alternative view to how we can neutralize the Jihadists so they do not present threat to world peace.
2- Neutralize America so it does not support and sustain the rotten Arab regimes.
3- Get smart people from the three major religions to bring ideas to how we can end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alleviate oppression and poverty that is like an epidemic in the Arab country.
4- Caliphate is not a bad idea. Actually, during the cold war there were no nuclear exchange because big countries more responsible and responsive to the world community. For your information no one will elect Jihadist for important position. Most of them actually may quit if they found a just and prosperous Muslim state.
5- Collapse of the Arab regimes is much easier than you think. If we have big and strong campaign that will involve the masses you will find the tyrants are packing and leaving somewhere.
6- Thus my blog invites people to provide articles that share the theme of the above. It should not degrade religions or prophets, no anti-Israel, no anti-Christians no anti-Muslim, no anti-semitism, can attacks policies and not people and have dissent language that will help us in having civilized dialogue. We are trying to heal the past and concentrate on having better future for all of us.
7- Though, religious dialogue encouraged in my blog. It has to be civilized and people to make their points without putting down other people.
8- My aim is to restructure the Islamic and Arab world peacefully. If there is Mahdi he would not go and fight every country and after he destroy the world he will build it again and invite UFOs to inhabitat the earth. It is all of us who live in this world have the responsibility of getting every family enjoy its living and save all these money in wars and defense for our prosperity. If you have an article that you think will get us closer, heal the past and provide ideas that will make better future please e-mail it to me: magedtaman2000@yahoo.com.

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