Monday, January 22, 2007

The Morals of Muhammad (PBUH)

God the Almighty says: "And verily, you [O Muhammad] are on an exalted [standard of] character." (68:4) His wife Asha had said " his moral is the Quran". That is to mean he was the first to apply his message. All morals that God stressed on Muslims to have it Muhammad had exemplified them. I will mention down his most well know characters:

1- The honest and trustworthy: these made people to take him very seriously. Particularly believe in the unseen in religion which is quite appalling: a God, angels, demons, heaven and hell you need someone that you do not have on him a tiny suspicion. Particularly they would have to endure, be oppressed or get killed for their religion.
2- He had a smiling face and was to start in saluting people.
3- Patience: it unbelievable how much he suffered from his enemies who would spread everywhere that he is a liar or crazy despite his miraculous Quran and his great wisdom.
4- He was kind to all people, except those who hurt Muslims.
5- He would smile but he would rarely joke.
6- What he says was always the truth.
7- He would not retaliate to himself.
8- His wars were to spread his religion particularly when Muslims were oppressed.
9- He would ask his followers to pray in their way to fight for not meeting the enemies and would tell them "to guide someone to Islam is better for you than the world and all it contains".
10- When his enemies would convert to Islam they become his best friends. The main leaders of his armies were the same who were fighting him at one time before they became Muslims.
11- He was very humble you do not know who is Muhammad from his friends. He would not examine people with his eyes. He gets shy and his face turn red like a virgin.
12- He never sinned, he had few minor errors, people do not even consider them sins. Muslims love to say he has zero error which contradicts the Quran. He had very few errors.
13- He was compassionate and merciful.
14- He always accepted God's orders and the hardship that he had to go through with strong faith and acceptance.
15- His love and praise to the other prophets particularly Jesus was great.
16- He would help his wives at home. He was very civilized in dealing with women and they can argue with him in a polite way. He never made them feel inferior.
17- He does not criticize people and his servant for long years mentioned that he never told him for something he did why he did or why he did not do. His servant refused to go to his family when they came to take him and insisted to live with Muhammad. He was dealing with his servant like he is his own son.
18- Muhammad was living like poor Muslims. He would sleep in the ground. He would eat only few dates for most of his days.
19- His faith in God and his message was very strong and that eliminated any doubts in the heart of his believers except for the few times that they thought that they are going to be exterminated like happened with the Jews and prophet Moses.
20- He never used foul language and he would not talk one inappropriate word. He was teaching his followers that man's tongue is the one to lead him to hell. With man tongue he can hurt others feelings, he can create hate and wars between people.
21- Living holly like the prophet and with followers around him in thousands doing every thing the right way and the angel Gabriel bringing down the Quran over 23 years you feel that they were connected with creator and the universe. Muhammad however praised most those who will come after his death and not see him and believe him.
22- Fear of God and knowing his glory made the Muslims at the time of Muhammad to live with great manners. There were no jealousy in between and they lived like real brothers.Muslims now live a material life and left in most part the spiritual life. They are very different from the early Muslims and much less happy.

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