Sunday, January 07, 2007

Islam A way Of Life.

By: Maged Taman

Though Islam does not compel anyone to be Muslim and orders Muslims to be dissent to non-Muslims, for Muslims it is a way of life. See how this way of life looks like:
1- He does not expect Muslims to be angels or prophets but all of us can improve to higher morals.
2- It believes on the hierarchy of morals. If you can get the most moral people from any religion or no-religion to the higher level of government you will be able to establish the right society. Governments affect our faith and daily life. A corrupt and oppressive government leads to moral corruption which ultimately gets us at our home and daily life and corrupts our souls.
3- Islam believes also that morals is a group act and looks at the community as one body that feels for every organ of it.
4- As a Muslim you start your day with and you end it by prayer. You start your meal by mention God's name and you end it by thanking God.
5- You have 5 prayers a day distributed through the day, so it makes you close to God and reminds you of the morals of Islam.
6- If you go to work you take your Islam with you which demands from you to perfect your work, be honest and deal with the best of manners with people.
7- When you go back to your home, you take Islam with you back to home as you deal with compassion and care with your wife and children.
8- It does not ask you to give up enjoying your life and money for religion but it gives you the right balance between materialism and spirituality, between idealism and reality and between the here-now and the afterlife.
9- You pay about 2.5% from your unused money of the year to the poor. You contribute to the happiness of others and you sustain the economy for all of us.

Some people who respect Islam but do not believe it is from God thinks that Muhammad (PBUH) created a great God (Allah), for our good luck as Muslims he is real. He is the same God of the Bible.

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