Friday, July 06, 2012

Why we should make peace with Israel

By: Maged Taman

Despite our problems with Israel including standing with our corrupted tyrants we still can reason with them, after all America is controlled by the Jews. The Arab/Muslim tyrants all playing for their own interests and the Jews know exactly what everyone is looking for. Simply you can not outsmart them but you can work them as equal partners in a big peace plan. Many of them if they believe you are a good guy they will trust you and work things out. Let us look how the Arab/Muslims world look and see why we have to bypass our leaders and scholars to make grand peace plan with Israel:

1- Iran under AhmadiChaos and few Shia extremists are irrational and strange. Whatever you came from you should have no doubt that Bashar is criminal and going in crazy killing. He is not clean, not even religious but evil and corrupt. Iran and Hazeb Allah leaders and not their people proved to us they are very dangerous. Their nuclear program is very unlikely for peace and likely to use it on Israel after they try it first on Sunni Muslims to be sure it is working.

2- Turkey as you see in the photo above is member of NATO and wants to play the Muslims hero to advance their political gains of these guys above. Standing to Israel and then doing whatever America wants which is basically dictated by Israel.

3- Qatar and Gulf countries are in line with America and Israel and use AL Jazzera for their personal interests when to be with America and Israel or against them so they stay in power and their families and count the billions. You will not find shortness of Islamic scholars who will stand with them they have the money, unlike me who has to work everyday in America to pay my bills and the fucking American government is paying patients to sue me.

4- The new Islamists in Egypt were our hope to have new moderate force in the Arab world independent from all the players but they are not clear about what is in their mind. The thing they are clear about is before Mubarak fall were in large part playing no role and were waiting in the dark to see when they can jump to take over. As personalities I did see a great leader from them before or after the revolution. In large part they look to me like bureaucrats and keen about their self-interest so far. I did not see them stand to America and Israel without waging war which people were looking for to say to them when they are right they are or when they are wrong they are. The thing they can do it easily is to ignore me and not stand with a guy who is standing against all the tyrants of the world.

5- Palestinian leaders are not really for major change in the area. Hamas is extreme in its stands and taking the Palestinians no where and standing with Iran who does not really have any plans but wars and the other guys of Arafat many are corrupted and unable to deliver.

Thus it is the stand of all people in the area including Israeli people to shape their future and have peace plan that allow the coming generations to enjoy peace and prosperity. It is very clear that the harm to Muslims came to them mostly from their leaders and scholars than it came from Israel.

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