Sunday, July 01, 2012

Time to the Palastinans to drop totally Iran

By: Maged Taman

When Sadat was negotiating with the Israeli the revolution in Iran was starting at that time. We welcomed them, who will reject people says that they are for morality and purity. Particularly the Shah before them was torturing his people. Sadat was told at that time to use them for negotiation as a new partner in the area and will make the Israeli yeild more in the negotiation. Sadat at that time did not trust them I do not know why. However, looks like he knew something we do not know. For the last few years they present themsleves as the savior of Palastinians who are desparate to have a strong country to stand with them. The Iran/Shia leaders and not people have very different agenda. Their main aim is to have Shia which is really false dectorines to prevail in the area and convert Muslims Sunni to Shia. Even for most liberals and moderate Muslims it is distastful to have all the religion revolve around that Ali (PBUH) is the one who should have been the first khalifa and crying injustice for his enemies and of the Hussein enemies. For most reasonable Muslims their religion revolve around God and the way to live our lives in this life and wroship him and not the family of the prophet (PBUH). Who cares now if Ali or Mawia entitled to govern, even most Sunni Muslims think it was Ali like Shia but they would not fight about it or make new religion to revolve around it. Thus the Shia main leaders who are some fantics scholars with very close relation with secular corrupt Shia and Alwi want to control the Islamic world. After the liberation of the Muslims countries they jump in to try to control it. It is about control and walayt Al faqih and not about Sunni or Islam. Their oppression of Sunni in Iraq is clear and their support to the tyrant criminal of Syria showed us clearly what they are all about. If they are anti-America, Anti-Israel and Anti-Gulf tyrants it does not make them the best guys in town. In fact their harm to Muslims is larger and their support to our revolutions are not founded. In large part America and Israel you can criticse them and oppose them and you do not need to be their best friend to control your desitny. But the Shia leaders and not their people are strange, irrational and dangerous. Thus time for the Palatinians to totally drop them and hope for new leaders of Shia or may be God will guide them to Islam. Sunni Islamists we are not to fight them we just to tell them clearly get out of our lives. When the prophet (PBUH) have the pegans undermine him in every step, God told him to just tell them get lost "You have your religion and I have mine".

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