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60 Proofs (at least) That Muhammad (PBUH) Is a Prophet From God.

By: Maged Taman

Every proof I mention affirms, by itself, that Muhammad is a messenger sent by God.

1- The prophet did not test the water: He did not bring few verses of the Quran or ideas of God and discuss it with his wife or friends before an Angel came to him. He was not scholar though he was thinking like Abraham before his message about God and the creation.

2- Acuteness of message: in a single day came Angel Gabriel to Muhammad with the first few verses of the Quran.

3- He was fearful: He went running to his wife and was speechless in the beginning after he first saw the angel.

4- His wife was the one who assured him that he is a messenger of God: She told him that God would never lead him astray and mentioned his noble characters.

5- Waraka Ben Nofel a scholar from the people of the book affirmed that: When his wife brought him to this scholar he thought that he is an angel sent from God like that sent to Moses when his prophethood started.

6- Muhammad was fearful and anguished that he wished to die: ( was not a Muslim yet and did not commit suicide). God reason is to make it clear to him and us that he was waiting for the revelation and he did not make it up. God had showed wanders to Moses when he met him and when his rod turned into snake in first encounter.

7- His faith increased as the angel appeared again: He brought him more of the verses of Quran and he realized it was God revelation. The first verses of the Quran to build creed to Muhammad and us, the late verses more about governing and laws.

8- The first two to believe him are the best to know him: his wife Khadiga and best friend Abu Baker, besides his nephew Ali. Abu Baker was out of the Town and when he came back he was told that Muhammad is saying that God is talking to him through an angel. The response of Abu Baker: if he said that he is right. Despite being very rare occurrence to have a true prophet more so in Arabia he accepted that from knowing Muhammad and his characters. When he realized that Muhammad affirmed that he believed him and entered Islam.

9- Muhammad suffered a lot: and was accused of being a liar or a crazy person. God responded in verses that he is his neither and asserted his message.

10- More people when he recited the verses of Quran to them started to believe in him: Islam started to spread locally. Many times it took reading few verses from the miraculous Quran and knowing the honesty of Muhammad to make people believe in Islam and it is true message from God.

11- People who followed him suffered a lot: They had all forms of persecution. If it was not a true message he would have quit as well them.

12- He was divisive to his people like Jesus was: Same members of a family would turn away from each other or against each other.

13- He was offered a lot: to be the richest, their king or marry the most beautiful woman to stop this revelation and he said his famous saying: "If they to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in the left I would not abandon the message until God reveal it or I die for it".

14- He was in many times exposed to death: So what he got from the message for many years is humiliation, intimidation and distress. His constant bravery and the smile in his face attest for his strong faith, he never questioned God except one time politely.

15- He miraculously survived a conspiracy: when they gathered many of the most strong and young man of all tribes to kill him. They waited for him at the house while sleeping and he walked through them and God did not let them see him.

16- The Jews were expecting a prophet at that time: The Medina people believed in him and promised to receive him and the Muslims of his town Mecca and protect them. They lived with the Jewish tribes who had told them before his appearance that a new prophet was expected at that time.

17- Another miracle: He had Muslims in Mecca migrate to Medina and then he did migrate lastly with his best friend Abou Baker. They were followed to cave Thour and God had a spider and pigeon after they entered the cave building their homes on the opening of the cave so it appeared to the chasers that no one entered recently.

18- The Quran prophesies the winning of Rome: after they lost the battle in few years and it happened.

19- The Quran promised Abi Laheb an enemy of God and prophet to go to hell: If the guy was smart he would convert to Islam so he can discount this verse and the Quran as a whole. But God blocked this from his mind.

20- The verse prophecies that Ibn al Walid: another enemy to Islam will be hit by sword in his nose and this happened after many years in a battle with Muslims (note his son Khalid Ben Al Walid was the best military Muslim leader ever known).

21- The Quran from first few verses was talking to all humans: through Muhammad and now Quran is all over the world. This is probably the best prophecy of Quran.

22-- No single letter changed in the Quran: The Quran kept unchanged as God promised "we brought the Quran and for it we are keepers".

23- The uncountable numbers of Qurans that published.
24- The millions of books wrote about Islam.
25 The number of scholars and places of worships.
26- The millions of Muslims who were named after Muhammad.
27- The verse that Muhammad himself had very occasionally doubted the message: and God assured him. How you can explain it if he was faking the message. Do you think he will express this doubt to the people. Note in over 99.9% of time he was very confidant about the message if not 100%. He gave firm faith to thousands of Muslims at his times and millions after him.

28- The speaker in the Quran talks to Muhammad and us in most of verses: He is definitely different from Muhammad. The Author of the Quran is very powerful self-proclaiming. Muhammad is a modest person and he was worshipping the author of the Quran. Muhammad would not be known in the middle of his friends from his humility. A man came to see him from faraway and was trembling to talk to Muhammad. The prophet told him "Take it easy I am the son of a woman who was used to eat the old meat in Mecca". You can say the author may be Satan, welcome to the humor, the Quran is about how to avoid Satan path and walk in the path of God that is made clear to the previous prophets.

29- The verses of the Quran are definitely different from the sayings of Muhammad: that thousands of them were documented.

30- Verses that criticize the messenger: You would not expect him to create a book and criticize himself.

31- The scientific miracles in Quran: They are many and each of them stand by itself as evidence.

32- The journey to heaven: which is spiritual (visionary) at times of early Islam when it was less believable. Which put him in an awkward position though for believers it was a confirmation of faith since the connection to heaven is already established to the messenger. Logically if he was a liar he would use this vision when his religion was widespread and strongly believable later on.

33- He fought and was willing to die for his message: The messenger had 27 battles, 9 of them he engaged personally. It was not confirmed he killed anyone. But he was exposed to death and wounded. Other prophets like him has to go in wars with their enemies.

34- Similarity to Moses confirm the prophecy of Moses: in having the laws and fighting against enemies as the prophecy of old testament.

35- The everlasting miracle of Quran is the Qruan: unlike other miracles of prophets which are witnessed by only group of people. It survived the test of time.

36- From very peaceful man to a worrier: at age of more wisdom and less propensity to fight Muhammad followed sincerely God call.

37- Definition of God in Quran came in the best way you can imagine God to be.

38- Absence of inconsistencies in the Quran.
39- The Qur'an does not demand belief - the Qur'an invites belief: What you expect God would do.

40- Contrary to above for the laws God demand obeying as you expect from God: If he made the case for you to believe you make the case for him why his laws are very reasonable and just.

41- The Quran make it clear that this book form God the verse. 2:2 "THIS DIVINE WRIT - let there be no doubt about it is [meant to be] a guidance for all the God-conscious". This is what you expect from God the best to affirm his message is himself.

42- Swearing by the creation in the Quran by God: despite he asks us when we swear is to swear by his name only is what you expect from God.

43- The pilgrim: In other religions even man made the pilgrim is essential. It is something in human heart to have a spiritual trip back to their creator and take a break from their routine life to renew their spirit.

44- The Quran dictated to Muhammad by God in 23 years: So he was tested almost daily. He is bringing in average few verses every few days.

45- So if he would think about the verses or write them down people would have noticed: He has people around him all the time. Actually when people have questions he would wait for the Angel to inspire him with the verses.

46-No one claimed that his the author of Quran Muhammad or than Muhammad: If some of the people of the book teaching him these verses after the message succeeded he would take the credit. Taman Health Plan which I am sure God inspired me with, I attested that God gave to me but I still put my name on the plan. Just to let you know how Muhammad ego was never a factor like mine or yours.

47- God did not forsake Muhammad: For a significant period of time the inspiration did not come to Muhammad and people accused him that he had a Jinn that abandoned him. Then God brought him great verses of Quran again. That is what you expect God to do.

48- Muhammad was very stabled and wise: If Muhammad was fooling himself and he is like someone writes poems and he thinks it is from God, the verses itself does not elude to any confused person but very clear and very wise scripture. His wise leadership of Muslims and dealing with people speak volumes of his very stable personality.

49- He was never a liar before or after the message: How do you expect a man to lie while his main message is about honesty.

50- How he would be a liar and in the same time he is very faithful believer: proved with his long time of praying and fasting.

51- If a liar how can he give faith to people and he has no faith.
52- If a liar people would have tried to prove for him one lie which was not proven.
53- Why he would consume many of the verses in the Quran talking about other prophets if he was a social reformer.

54- Why worshipping God would be his prime message: and not the common good if he was a social reformer and not merely a prophet.

55- Why would the Quran strongly and unequivocally deny Jesus to be Son of God: if he is a social reformer. Why he did not agree with Christians he is son of God so he can win Christians over to his side or at least neutralize them.

56- Why he would not look weak: compromises a lot and appeases friends in verses if the Quran was his own creation and not the word of God. Why Chapter Mary in Quran and non about his mother or any Muslims woman.

57- Why in the Quran he uses the pronoun We most of time: when he talk about himself a thing that you expect only God to do, he does not do that in his hadith. There is definite God talking to a prophet in verses with respect but with authority you can feel that the speaker is God.

58- The old testament and the Gospels both have prophecies about Muhammad.
59- The Quran and the message were completed before Muhammad death 5:3 ".....Today have I perfected your religious law for you, and have bestowed upon you the full measure of My blessings, and willed that self-surrender unto Me shall be your religion". That what you expect from an able God.

60- When the prophet was dying he was happy to meet his God: and this was his last words a liar or deceiver would be in bad shape. For the people who would allege that the Quran is inspired by Satan it is insult to humanity. How a religion that came to save humanity is inspired by Satan. If there were wars in Islam, like Jews and Christians they fought back when they were oppressed. In fact Islam believes more in being strong so you do not need to fight.

Putting all of the above aside, the people who denied the prophethood to Muhammad and the Quran being the book of God never gave us a convincing scenario. We all will die and go to the Grave. The angel of death will get all of us 100% at certain point. We will be in the grave and the angels will come to ask us about God, the Quran and Muhammad (PBUH). I did my home work and this blog give you all the answers or refer you to the origins. I know what I will tell the Angels in my grave: There is no God but God and Muhammad and Jesus are his servants and messengers.

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