Saturday, May 21, 2011

Explanation for the rapture in Islam?

From: Christian web site:

Does anyone know if Islam has a counterpart to the rapture in the Quran or other Islamic writings or legend?In other words, will they have a ready-made explanation for the disappearance of so many Christians?Can anyone recommend any teachings on this (preferably by WoF teachers)?

Blogger comment:
Most Muslims like most Christians believe that we are in the time of end. Though God gave us hints about when the end of time he did not give us all the details or the precise hour of Jesus Second Coming. Christians and Muslims believe in common main things in the end of time: the tribulation, the return of Jesus and the peaceful time of his era. However they differ in main things as well: For Muslims Jesus will come as a great prophet but a victorious one this time, while Christians think he will be as he was the Son of God. The era of Jesus will be one thousand years for Christians and for Muslims we do not know the exact time, it could be a thousand year but Muslims think he will be only living for a period of time in the earth. For Christians Al Mahdi is thought wrong to be the Anti-Christ and will be fought by Christ for Muslims he would be prepare the earth for Christ and he will step aside when Christ descend to the earth. The Rapture for Christians is meeting Jesus in the air and stay with him until the tribulation period (though the timing may differ among sects) for Muslims it is likely Christians will convert willingly to Islam or to the same Christianity that was at time of Jesus (Muslims do not have a clear cut scripture about that).
Thus we are at the end of times no doubt about it, the Quran said about the Jews : "so if the promise of the end to come will bring you from all around (to the promised land)"
We do not know the exact time when Al Mahdi Al Muntazer will be declared to the whole world and we do not know the exact date of the glorious decent of Jesus from heaven. For secular atheists Muslims and Christians are just freaks smoking pots or Hashish.

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