Saturday, January 29, 2011

Would the Egyptian Army turn their people down: Do not think so

By: Maged Taman

The cards now in the Egyptian army hands they will decide the destiny of their country, their families and their people. People are looking at them everywhere from all around the world. Which side they will choose the side of the Tyrant Mubarak or that of their people. The side of tyranny and corruption of Mubarak or the side of the oppressed and deprived.

Would they look for liberty and moral values to change their country or continue to take orders from a man who did not respect his people and thought mostly of his welfare enjoying dictatorship and corruption.

The man that Mubarak let him to take over is a joke, a sincere dog to a brutal dictator. He will not be able to stand for the masses, particularly so against the Army.

Time for the great Egyptian military to write history. Every one will be proud to stand to a tyrant and remove him. Your position in the Egypt, Arab world and all the world watching you and above all God who created you will be greatly raised if you to win the liberty to your people.

The history is looking at you to document what path you will be taking. I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer and no doubt about it. Be certain that the prophecies of Muhammad (PBUH) are true. I promise you victory if you are sincere think smart and excute a smart plan.

Time to take down Mubarak and all who stand for him. Assassinations of big heads suddenly and swiftly will take them by surprise and bring them down and make the rest of the tyrant allies give up or run away. Mubarak sons had already escaped to England. Remember they let their police brutally kill the Egyptians.

For Al Azher it is time to take the side of the public and stand with them and have the army and the masses motivated. We are in the end of time as God exactly told us through his prophet that we will be oppressed in all the world then God will send a man who will fill the earth with justice and equality as it was filled with injustice and tyranny.

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