Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak Speech: I will continue in power and I am making changes

By: Maged Taman

Mubarak would not surrender or give up power. His speech is very clear of the intention:

1- He wants as some in the west to absorb the anger of Egyptians
2- The western leaders including Obama basically says OK to stay and false promise of changes. Read to them their opinions.
3- Obama is against force since he wants him to stay. What Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton stands for I do not know.
4- The Wicked Mubarak will never change he will say he is here for Egypt. Egypt said its verdict loud and clear: step down and go away.
5- The change of government and playing musical chairs will not work for the Egyptians.
6- Mubarak is buying time so the people can cool down and the revolution will go away.
7- Mubarak will not bring solutions he is the main cause of the problems.

Thus nothing new in the speech the same wicked defiant dictator. Some in the west does not consider him as a dictator since they dictate to him what to do. If he is oppressive to his people that is not very bad, just a little.

Again Egypt Christians and Muslims will define their destiny, not Mubarak or the west. The west still consider him an asset for stability. The reality is he is the one who provokes anger against the west and not helping them. Read to a lot of thinkers in the left in America and even some in the right in America.

For the Egyptians stand up to your destiny do not destroy except Mubarak palaces, his party buildings. With open arm continue to greet the military. Their dignity, bravery and stand up for the truth will get them in your side and they will bring down the corrupt system.

For many of the military units particularly young officers when are sent to one place to control get the government building close to you and seize it. This include Main party of Mubarak sites, governmental sites, parliament. palaces of Mubarak, media and TV.

After the total paralysis of the country and hopefully the arrest of Mubarak and his main guys who work for them have a unity council from most parties to serve as a temporary council until establishing new political system in the country.

Regarding health care and long term care I already have the plan. For the economy I also have plans I will be happy to help out. Always remember Al Mahdi Al Muntazer do not need a political title or being a president his job as his name Al Mahdi Al Muntazer. He is guided by God and will guide you to your triumph and justice and equality will prevail.

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