Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When The Great and Brave Egyptian Army and Police will Stand with their people the Egyptians???

By: Maged Taman

If you noticed most of the revolutions need strong power to overcome the strong and oppressive regimes that are in control like in all revolutions. Some revolutions the masses have weapons to fight the government. In many instances they try to have show of force and resistance. Then the aggressive police try to use brutality since if the masses destroy the Parliament and the palace of the president a large momentum will happen and they may be able to remove the corrupt oppressors. So the government push hard to stop that, it is fine balance between use enough force and not excessive force. For the masses if they push enough to be able to have breakthrough and destroy many symbols of the regime they will win, if they stand and take reasonable causalities the army may be angry for the masses and attack the police and the government. It is how they will play it with smartness and determination that the revolution will succeed and the masses will take over. There is no doubt there are very honest and proud officers in the military and even the police who will choose the right moment and interfere for the benefits of masses. They may be already planning how to arrange forces to take over different parts of the main strong holds in the country. It would be particularly rewarding if they to attack the different palaces of Mubarak and occupy them. It will give large momentum and will cause a lot of people to desert Mubarak or even arrest him. Mubarak depends in his confidence and presenting himself as a military leader that may invoke fear in his soldiers. But no one to buy it he is alone with weak supportors. America wants him to go if possibly in peace or the revolution die in peace, neither will happen. The masses will stand until their terminal victory and America will see his demise and likely will take some credit since they warned him and he was stubborn.

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