Thursday, January 06, 2011

My apology for Copying Articles in my Blog

By: Maged Taman

I got a note from one of the websites I am copying from to my blog. They think it is unethical to copy other people work and put in my blog. I want to indicate few things:

1- All the articles are my choice and no one submit to me articles or dictate to me what I write.
2- The articles may not necessarily mean I am in total agreement with the contents. It could have some of the good points.
3- The articles present wide views from different websites that may not even in harmony with one another. Many times the truth may lie in the middle and not in one side or another.
4- I do not make any money from the website and I am not planning to do that.
5- I give the credit to people who I pick articles from. I do not put my name and remove their names.

I apologize if someone feels offended. I am not the only one doing that many websites are doing that unless they are making money they ought to ask people permission before they to copy the articles. I have no problem anyone to make copies and put in his website any of my articles written by me even if to use for commercial purposes. If I was looking for money I could have sold Taman Health Plan to one of the two parties in America and made millions of dollars.

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