Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do not Worry About the Evil Jews

By: Maged Taman

As you see despite me attacking the bad Jews they would not try to expel me from America. Since if they do not want the media to be on me and people may think I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer. They can not grab me to the court since I will be able to show their crimes in the court. All they will do is fighting me in secret so they can make my life miserable or destroy me. The problem is a lot of good Christians will not allow them to do that. They will not like to see Jesus (10 times better than me) crucified again in front of their eyes.

Going back to the evil Jews. While most of us are suffering from bad economy and bad economic polices including a lot of Americans and regular Jews, and me who have to work every day, the wicked Jews and their allies particularly many politicians are doing very well, do not worry about them. Obama even got a lot of money for his book and my book has been oppressed by his corrupted regime. I have to submit to them to get my money, which I will never do.

I am not a guy who live for money but principals. That is why I stood to the evil powers in the world and I do not regret that. Some people close to me are affected much, God reward them but many prophets suffered for their cause. Someone has to do it as we say.

When the wall street corrupt guys many of them are the evil Jews bankrupted us the politicians very nicely gave them our money. The nice performance in the congress they try to show anger about that in order to silent the American people while the money is paid to them in full. In privacy all those guys go for their parties at night and play the same game next day.

Were the good Jews fit in that. They are intimidated by the evil Jews that if you do not follow them all the way through you are a traitor. The good Jews with good Christians and good Muslims will not let the evil Jews control the world since they did very bad job and continue to drown us while they are swimming in the surface of water.

We are the American people have to change our destiny. Do not let them steal our message again. They will use all tactics to suppress us. Satan will never give up without a struggle. Did we see him welcome Jesus (PBUH) in his first coming why do you think he will do that in his second coming.

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